Camp Instructors

Meet the Team!

Kayla McGuirk

Kayla has over a decade of experience working with children within the Halifax Regional Municipality and in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. It gives her such joy to see growth in her campers even in just a week! “Camp is so important for children! Not only does it build independence and self-esteem, it gives children a safe space to express themselves and grow into young adults.” Kayla holds a Diploma from Holland College in Sport and Leisure Management and is currently completing a degree in recreation management from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS.

Fun fact: She is scared of beavers!


Jayla Verney

Holding a diploma from Holland College in Sport and Leisure Management, Jayla has been working with children for four years. She admits there’s never a dull moment with kids and loves to see their creativity and imagination ignited. “I think camps are important because they give an opportunity for children to grow and flourish individually by helping build self- confidence, social skills, teamwork and independence. It also allows them to learn new activities, sports and tap into their creative side.”

Fun Fact: She knows how to walk on a circus ball!

Amy MacDonald

Amy has been working with kids for more than ten years and admits she always leaves a shift with at least one funny moment during the day! Besides not knowing what funny thing the kids will say next, she knows the importance of these camps for development. “I think these camps are important to foster connections with others kids in the community and to gain new skills. The camps help build self-esteem, independence and leadership skills, and all campers will leave with new friendships to last a lifetime.” Amy earned her psychology degree from Dalhousie University.

Fun fact: Winter is my favorite season because snowboarding is my favorite sport!

amy (1)

Lorin Tolliver

Lorin started off as a junior leader at the East Preston Recreation Centre and has been working with children ever since. Lorin is looking forward to this camping season as she loves to be part of creating memorable summer experiences for kids similar to what she experienced growing up. “I think summer camps are most important because they help kids create a better understanding of themselves as an individual person in the world early without their parents. It’s character building.” She is currently in her second year at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Fun fact: Lorin’s favorite food is ribs and not the more popular chicken fingers!

Matthew DeViller

Matthew loves the happy environment of working with children and he’s been doing it for four years. He is currently studying towards a bachelor’s degree in science at Saint Mary’s University. He is happy that there will be multiple locations of OnDaRise camps because it will give more children accessibility and opportunity to participate. 

Fun fact: He can crack his nose and juggle (not at the same time though)!


Adrionna Brooks

Adrionna knows the importance of camps and how they give children a chance to connect with others outside of their immediate families. The kids create new friendships and sometimes make older ones stronger. After working with children for five years she still loves to see how excited they are to come to camp and how they engage. She is in her first year of studies in psychology and business at the University of New Brunswick.

Fun fact: She has a 6’5 wing span!

Alora MacRoberts

After working with children for four years Alora understands the importance of camps as they provide opportunities for kids that they otherwise may not have access to. “I like that each child is unique and has something they are very passionate about like colouring or gym games, they are also so much fun and always upbeat.”

Fun fact: She can play violin.


Tyrell Casimir

Whether kids are returning to day camp or are only there for those few days, as a camp instructor, Tyrell loves to make that week the best week possible for them.  After seven years of experience he’s learned that it’s important to run camps that are fun, well-structured and disciplined. His area of study is in the social sciences.

 Fun fact: He loves to make music.

Liam O’Donnell

Liam loves the energy and excitement that children bring to camp and how ready they are to have fun. He also understands the importance these experiences are to their social development where they make new friends and try new sports. 

Fun Fact: Liam used to decorate and customize shoes.